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Knotted Turban Top Knot

Knotted Turban Top Knot

Step 1: Spray Dry Texture Spray all over and divide into 2 sections using just your hands. Emulsify Styling Balm into hand, pull the two sections of hair across the face and begin to twist each side individually to the right.

Step 2: Combine both sides and twist together to the right to intertwine the sections. Keep twisting to the right until you reach the end of hair.

Step 3: Take the combined twisted section and twist to the left into a bun shape at forehead level. Pin the bun to secure. Rub Styling Balm into hands and gently pull at bun to desired thickness. Spritz Dry Texture Spray to set the style.


Products Used: Dry Texture Spray, Styling Balm