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Warehouse Custodian

DePasquale Companies

Career Opportunities

ECRU New York offers prestige, curated hair and beauty products that treat and perform, offering endless beautifying options. It is part of DePasquale Companies, which is a family-owned business servicing the professional beauty industry. DePasquale Companies encompass the spa/salon, cosmetology education, distributorship, and manufacturing sides of the business.


  • DePasquale The Spa: Renowned Salon, Spa and Retailer
  • DePasquale Salon Systems: Distributor of Professional Hair, Skincare and Cosmetic Brands
  • Artistic Academy of Hair Design: N.J. Accredited Cosmetology and Esthetic School
  • ECRU New York: Prestige, curated hair and beauty collections that treat and perform, offering endless beautifying options.
  • Lakme USA: Hair color collection from Spain.
  • RICA USA: Haircare, waxing and skincare collections from Italy.
  • Little Green: Safe, gentle, and pure haircare and skincare collections for children

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