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Policy & Procedures

Cancellation policy pertain to the ECRU New York Academy Workshops.

  • You may cancel your workshop up to 24-hours prior of the schedule date & time, with the ability to reschedule an alternate workshop.
  • ECRU New York Academy reserves the right to cancel any class based upon unforeseen circumstances. In this instance, we will provide notice and reimburse the full tuition fee.
  • A valid cosmetology license is required to attend any ECRU New York Academy class.


  • Virtual class registration will be cut off the Thursday prior to class date. No new registration will be accepted after that date.
  • Any virtual class registration done 5-business days prior to class date will incur an $7.99 for expediated shipping.
  • Mannequins are required. To get the most out of your mannequin purchase, we recommend the following workshop sequence: Styling, Long/Mid-Cut, Short Cut