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Coronavirus Resource Center

ECRU New York is curating content daily to help you move through these uncharted waters, professionally and personally. Access Now


ECRU New York is committed to developing best in class education
that brings your artistry to the next level


The world we live in may have changed, but our core belief in Education as the foundation for prosperous career growth remains unchanged.

We are redefining and evolving to meet your needs with our Virtual and In-Person Education.

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Photo of blonde anime women

Virtual or In-Person, ECRU New York classes focus on the latest styling and cutting techniques.

Our 3-hour & 5-hour courses will guide you through the methodology and techniques of creating shapes and how to use the products that will bring them to life.

You will receive a curated selection of products that will be used during the workshop.

March 11th

Welcome to the world of Avant-Garde hairdressing, where creativity knows no bounds and innovation reigns supreme. This class is not your typical fashion-focused class. Instead, it dives deep into haute couture, where we blend the art of hairdressing with avant-garde elements to create unique and unconventional designs. We will delve into the world of unconventional materials, exploring how they can be incorporated into hair designs to create one-of-a-kind looks that defy expectations.

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Avant-Garde hairdressing
Certificate of Salon Education Development Program

April 1st | Mid and Long-LenMgth Layering with Razor Master the skill of sculpting shapes that exude effortlessly stylish dishevelment. Through strategic placement of layers and texture, we will delve into the art of razor cutting, allowing you to create meticulously crafted hairstyles that are both edgy and refined.

April 8th | Razor Bob, Tight Graduation Discover the art of razor cutting. In this class, master the iconic Bob and Tight Graduation techniques with a touch of softness and strength.

April 15th | Wedding / Special Occasion Styling We invite you to embark on a journey of bridal hairstyling, where you will uncover styles specifically designed for clients with long layers, short, fine, and thin hair. Our focus will be on working smarter, not more complicated, as we delve into the art of creating stunning, elegant and effortless looks

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May 20th | Braiding Unlock endless possibilities with various braiding techniques, from classic to trendy designs. Elevate your styling skills in this opportunity-packed class.

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June 24th | Curly Master the art of cutting and styling curls! From precision techniques to personalized styles, become a proficient curly hair specialist and unleash your creativity.

Register Now Register Now Curly

July 8th | Exploring Fringe Elevate your style in our dynamic fringe cutting class! From bold statements to soft romance, join us for a concise session that transforms looks, attracts new clients, and grows your salon business.

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August 26th | Grooming Dive into precision techniques, diverse styles, and personalized grooming for all.

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September 16th | Fashion Week Review Stay ahead in hairstyling with our Fashion Week Review! Gain insights into the latest trends and techniques to elevate your salon offerings.

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October 7th | Blank Canvas Where creativity knows no bounds Join us for a transformative experience where every cut, style, and every gloss application is a stroke of artistic brilliance on your blank canvas. ECRU New York educators will guide you through the techniques that will elevate your blank canvas into your personalized masterpiece. Cutting, Styling and Illuminations with Luxe Gloss. Lunch Included

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October 21st | Precision & Flow Master scissor and razor techniques in Precision & Flow. Navigate when, where, and why to use each method, empowering stylists to tailor cuts to diverse client preferences.

Register Now Register Now Precision & Flow

November 11th | Holiday Styling Unwrap enchanting holiday hairstyles! Capture the spirit of celebration and make your clients shine at every event.

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Academy Classes List 2024
Certificate of Salon Education Development Program


* Must be a member to take advantage of program.

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ECRU New York is casting for new members to join our creative educational team!

Are you looking to take your career to the next level? Consider yourself a professional that has excellent communication skills.

Love to share your knowledge with others. Have a Passion for beauty and Love to Learn and Create.

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Meet The Team

Amanda Jenkins

Amanda Jenkins

Global Director of Education

“Being an educator for over 20 years has taught me that every student is unique and learns differently. I firmly believe that everyone should leave a class feeling secure in their ability. If they require additional time to learn a technique, I am committed to providing the support they need to master our method. I love sharing what I’ve learned and am still learning. It never stops.”
Lisa Lobosco

Lisa Lobosco

Creative Director

“Throughout my years in the industry my favorite part has always been the feeling of community amongst stylists, sharing inspiration and techniques. My work draws inspiration from different areas of fashion, art, and more, and as Creative Director, it’s my mission to help inspire other stylists who seek to nourish their creativity and flourish in their artistry. I truly believe that styling is not just about hair, its about the total look.”

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