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Luxe Gloss - Clear
Luxe Gloss
Luxe Gloss Clear ENYLGCL7

Luxe Gloss


A perfectly blended formula of reflective pigments that enhance and brighten natural and color-treated hair while imparting, intense glass like shine.

Offers deep conditioning while transforming overall texture in 5-20 minutes.

No mess. No staining. Rinses out easily.

Long lasting 6-8 shampoos

  • parabensNo Parabens
  • peroxideNo Peroxide
  • ammoniaNo Ammonia
  • heatNo Heat
  • off tonesNo Off-Tones
  • veganVegan


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To use alone for glass-like shine, to dilute other LUXE GLOSS shades or seal and extend any salon color service.

Perfectly balanced golden strawberry blonde​

Rich coppery red​

The truest of reds​

A true rich berry tone​

Warm light-medium brown​

Rich medium-dark brown​

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Don't see your shade, Customize your color at home or visit your salon


Chromazone™: With a high affinity to keratin, CHROMAZONE™ retains color with a Liposome-based formulation that carries pomegranate pericarp extract encapsulated in liposome spheres through the cuticle and releases its high antioxidant content overtime at the cortex.

  • Locks in Hair Color
  • 50% More hair color protection
  • 3X prolonged antioxidant activity
  • Extraordinary results in preventing hair color from fading

Shea Butter: contains vitamins A and E with essential fatty acids. Its non-greasy quality makes it an excellent moisturizer for hair. It softens dry, brittle hair and repairs split, damaged ends.

Provitamin B5: Panthenol binds the hair follicle and seals in moisture to prevent dry hair and scalp while enhancing shine, softness, and pliability.

Vitamin F: Rich in linoleic acid (Omega 6) to condition and promote scalp health by strengthening the scalp skin barrier and hair fiber.


What sets LUXE GLOSS® apart from other glosses or shampoo/conditioning glazes?
A new technology called CHROMAZONE™ color protection. The liposomes-based formula carries pomegranate pericarp extract through the cuticle and releases its high antioxidant content overtime at the cortex. Locking in hair color, 50% more hair color protection. 3X prolonged antioxidant activity and prevents color from fading, all with No. Ammonia. No Peroxide. No Heat. Every color has perfectly balanced pigments, so there are No off-tones—only long-lasting, beautiful, healthy translucent color. ​
What hair type can LUXE GLOSS® be used on?
All hair types. Natural or color-treated hair. Because of our unique formulation, It can also be used on Hair extensions. ​
How do I select the best color for my hair? ​
Because LUXE GLOSS® has perfectly balanced pigments, what you see is what you get! Consult our shade chart for at-home use or your professional hairstylist for custom colors.
Can LUXE GLOSS® be used on wet or dry hair?
It can be used on damp or dry hair. For Maximum vibrancy and shine, apply to dry hair. ​
Will LUXE GLOSS® stain my scalp or hands?
You may experience minimal staining, so we recommend using disposal gloves during application. If you choose not to use gloves, wash your hands immediately with soap and water.
What is the difference if I leave it on for 5 or 20 minutes?
The longer you leave it on (up to 20 minutes), the longer it lasts. After 5 minutes, the tone and color will remain the same.
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    Don't see your shade, Customize your color at home or visit your salon


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