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Virtual & IN-PERSON Classes

Fusion Cutting

Free Spirits. Freedom of expression. Free to be your kind of beautiful. This series of haircuts offers every hairstylist the creativity and tools to help your guest express their individuality. Varying lengths and textures will heighten your portfolio of knowledge.


Structured Curl. Not all curl shapes have to be the same. Explore and learn combining square and round shapes and how to free up the curl for added movement.

  • August 23, 2021
  • Virtual
    10am-12pm EST


Mid Length-layered shape with peek-a-boo accents that gives many illusions. This is the perfect combination of precision and texture in one shape.

  • September 27, 2021
  • Virtual
    10am-12pm EST
  • In-Person
    10am-1pm EST


Fun. Short textured. Structured strength all in one. Wake up and go has never gotten easier. Perfect for straight to wavy textures.

  • October 25, 2021
  • Virtual
    10am-12pm EST

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    Bonus Mannequin
  • Includes:

    Bonus Mannequin
  • Includes:

    Bonus Mannequin
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    JET - August 23, 2021
    SOPHIE - September 27, 2021
    ELI - October 25, 2021
    Bonus Mannequin
  • Includes:

    SOPHIE - September 27, 2021 (10am - 1pm EST)
    Bonus Mannequin

Please note: Attendees will receive products 7-10 days prior to workshop.
Mannequin required. To get the most out of your mannequin purchase, we recommend the following workshop sequence: Styling, Mid-Cut, Full-Cut


Please note any class registration done 5-business days prior to class date will incur an expediated shipping cost of $7.99 to ensure class supplies are received.

Class registration must be completed by 12 p.m. EST Thursday prior to class date. No new registration will be accepted after that date.

“As a new mom coming back into the industry after working for over 20 years, I felt I needed a boost of confidence and an update on what I had missed. The Architecture of Haircutting Class was the perfect solution as it provided training on updated trends to classic shapes. Now when a client sits in my chair, I feel confident I can successfully deliver the latest styles. Being in the industry for so long, I know the quality of education available and ECRU Academy is an absolute gamechanger!”

– Elizabeth Wolfson, Blush Blow and Go