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Dry Texture Spray

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Working Hairspray & Dry Shampoo Hybrid

Builds invisible texture and volume in the hair.

As a root lift or to build in body, lift hair and spray at root. Spray all over for additional volume or to revitalize day old hair to finish and hold.

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Multi-use products

I absolutely love multi-use products especially the Dry Texture Spray. I can use it to refresh my day (or 3) old hair and make it look like I just got a fresh blow out. I also use it to style my hair. My hair is pin straight, so I spray on before curling and it holds the style for HOURS! 100 stars!!

- Ella
It's always in my bag!

If you love voluminous hair, this spray is for you. I bring Dry Texture Spray mini with me wherever I go. It refreshes my hair and builds in volume and texture. You can layer it and layer it without feeling heavy.

- Chris
My Favorite Texture Product!

I love Dry Texture Spray! It's my absolute go-to when refreshing my 2, 3, and sometimes even 4 (no shame) day hair! It has that perfect amount of hold without weighing my hair down and without feeling crunchy. It's great for layering, as well! I could spray it on my hair all day - it gets better the more I use it!

- Kelsey A.
My favorite go-to product!

This is absolutely the best Dry Texture Spray I have ever used! Perfect for all hair types and is great for day 2 or 3 hair. Can't live without it!

- Dana
Great hold

Great hold without any sticky residue. It is expensive, but I have never used a better dry texture spray. My style even holds shape the next day or two until my next shampoo.

- Annette
Can't live without Dry Texture Spray

Can't live without Dry Texture Spray!

- Linda
Hairspray that I can't live without

LOVE LOVE LOVE! It gives my day 2 or day 3 hair so much volume and texture without stiffness. I also love the grip and hold it gives my hair whenever I wear my hair up!

- Mengya
Amazing Texture

Was able to go five days without washing my hair and still had body and lift. Hair looks great and felt like there was no product in my hair! Amazing

- Shelly

My new go-to staple!

This product is an absolute essential. I take it with me everywhere I go. It's perfect for refreshing my hair after the gym or throughout the day!

- Katherine