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Sea Clean Shampoo

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$ 20.00
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A mild, gentle, daily cleanser for all hair types with a light fresh fragrance.

Apply to wet hair and massage into a full lather. Rinse, repeat if desired.

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Best Smelling Shampoo Ever!

Great shampoo for fine hair. This smells great and cleans hair without stripping it down. This was highly recommended by Allure Magazine.

- Beppie
Great Shampoo!

The best shampoo I’ve had in a long time. Not an over conditioning or super moisturizing shampoo either.

- Deann

Soft, Smooth, Supermodel Hair!

I have awful, dry, tangly, frizzy curls. I used ECRU Sea Clean Shampoo and it transformed my hair without any effort on my part. Since I wasn't expecting anything, I thought it was a fluke. Butt every time I use it, it gives me gorgeous, shiny, moisturized hair that behaves like it's supposed to--and looks thick and bouncy too! No tangles, no effort, no looking like a mess anymore? Get more more stat!

- Ellen